Practice with 124gr Compete with 147gr?
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    Practice with 124gr Compete with 147gr?

    9mm 124gr has been my standard ammo for some time now. I'd stayed away from 147gr due to hearing the POA/POI changed. Recently I looked into that further and realized it was typically such a small amount of change at 25yd that it wouldn't matter to me. Tonight I went to the range with 124gr, 135gr and 147gr Freedom Munitions HP.

    When slow firing, I didn't notice any difference in "felt" recoil between the rounds. But when I started shooting faster strings the difference was clear. While there was less rise on the gun and slightly quicker return to target with the 147gr the big difference for me was realizing that after shooting a string I felt more relaxed. I think that little difference in the sight disruption made a meaningful mental difference to me.

    So I've decided to switch to 147gr and just placed a very large order (hedging against a potential post election ammo run). But I was wondering if those of you who compete found it beneficial to train with a hotter round than what you compete with. For example, for dry fire training I have my SIRT trigger set heavier than a standard Glock - training with a heavier trigger makes the real thing easier.

    I'm wondering if any of you do the same with ammo?
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    Yes I do.
    My budget practice load in the Precision Delta 124 JHP-5.0 grains of WSF and CCI primer.
    My match load is the Zero 147 JHP-4.0 grains of WSF and CCI primer

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    Some people use cheaper, usually lighter, bullets for practice... and then shoot heavier bullets for competition... Ben Stoeger does it...

    I usually shoot my match load in practice... Blue Bullets offers a good discount, so I buy them in bulk...
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    While I carry WIN SXT 127 +P+ in a 9mm, my USPSA minor load is a 124 TC Bayou on top of 3.7 grs of TiteGroup at 1.100" OAL. Makes a 133 floor. However the 147s are much softer to shoot for the the same floor and only about $6 more per thousand. I just have never warmed up to the 147 rythem, plus for me, it's about 2" at 25 yards, no big deal.

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