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    Thumbs up VEDDER Holsters

    no, the lead singer for Pearl Jam has not started making holsters.
    David Vedder does and darn good ones at that. Perhaps a *few bucks high; reducing the fixed shipping cost might ease the pain some though.
    Excellent retention both in and out. Adjustability and high rise carry and +/- cant if needed.
    I can't say anything but good so far. IWB and OWB are offered.
    Bring your own tunes.

    Started by looking at Red-(something)Tactical from Alabama but couldn't work with the rise and cant issues. Nice holsters though.

    It is very seldom that i carry a firearm around; and when i do i like to stuff it down the front of my pants.
    I do appreciate the "Open Carry" status we now have here in Texas.
    But Wide opend carry in a big city leaves me with with way to much to think about and consider; so I don't.

    But they did fix all the hoopla about "printing" under the old law and that is good for me.

    Look @ VEDDER
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    Love my Vedder

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