Probably a dumb question :
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    Probably a dumb question :

    What is the likelihood of carrying a US legal handgun to Scotland and U.K.?

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    Are you going for competition? They are far more strict than the US for any weapon.
    I don't know for sure but would be surprised if they would permit it.

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    They are not going to allow a foreign national to bring a gun into their country. Not knowingly.

    I work with a transplanted English co-worker. She was there when they were banned, took away all their guns. A shotgun is most one hopes for, hunting usually according to her. She said her father kept all his guns and only turned in one old WWI rifle that did not work. Brits/guns strictly for hunting she said. Their big weapons are knives and ball bats......police do not carry there, for the most part.

    With the Muslim immigrant problem, they are talking about police carry again. Add: Brexit

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    I was doubtful but curious, so I Googled it and was surprised to see that it looks like visitors to Great Britain* can apply for a 'Visitor's firearm permit' "for sporting purposes on the same private premises during the same period, or who will be participating in the same competition or event or series of competitions or events" (link to the form below).

    *The “United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.” includes England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

    The catch is that you need a resident of Great Britain to act as your sponsor (they need to fill in the form). Check out the form for all the endless details you need to provide (ie where you plan to shoot, how many rounds, gun details)

    Overseas Visitors: Overseas Visitor - Metropolitan Police Service

    Form 107 - Overseas Visitors:

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    There are also import/export restrictions that are governed by BATFE. Don't know if your intention is concealed carry or competition, but good luck either way. Let's us know how it turns out.
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