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    Pocket Carry

    I am a bigger guy and prefer (for the sake of comfort) to carry my EDC in a pocket holster. IWB is downright uncomfortable, OWB prints too much [please don't give me clothing suggestions], and I honestly like the feel and accessibility of my pocket holster.

    So here's my situation: I always carry a round chambered, and my primary EDC is a Glock 26. Carrying without one chambered is uncomfortable to me. My uncertainty is this: when I go out to dinner with friends or family or sit in a conference room at work... anything pretty much that has me sitting across from someone, table or not, I'm now (unintentionally) pointing a loaded weapon at them with a round chambered, and no external safety (Glock) other than the absence of my index finger. Anyone have thoughts on this? I have a quality holster, nothing else is ever in that pocket, nor does my hand even go in that pocket unless I am drawing, repositioning or removing or removing it at the end of the day.

    Thoughts/suggestions? Safe (enough) to carry this way?

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    A reasonable concern, your description of your carry mode sounds secure enough to me, may Glocks are carried everyday without going off by themselves ... A/D is always operator error !

    my 2¢

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    If the holster is quality - trigger is covered and retention is enough that the gun is not going to move (slip out of the trigger coverage or something else slip into the trigger area) you are as secure as you can reasonably be.

    It is an appropriate concern though.

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    Mt, I use the Galco pocket holster. Made of horse hide and it does not go all the way into your pocket. It rides high, holds my 26 very well
    and covers the trigger. I never carry mine inside of the office though. I leave it in the vehicle.

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    My only concern is a accident can happen unintentionally, with one in the chamber loaded if it's made by man. Just my opinion!


    Semper Fi.

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    I carry a LCP, and have for years, inside a BLACKHAWK! pocket rig. I do this when I cannot OWB carry, which I prefer. I always carry with one in the chamber, and carry two spare magazines. I feel perfectly safe for myself and those around me. JMHO.
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