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    I have been wondering that myself because i've been wanting a G24. My local gun shop has a G40 MOS in stock and I was thinking of trying to make my own G24 and still have the option of using it as a G40 as well. Since the 10MM and .40 are different length cartridges, I was wondering about the headspace and if it could chamber and feed a .40 into the 10MM barrel. A little digging on the Storm Lake website shows they offer a conversion barrel for using a .40 in the shorter G20(10MM) version, but not one for the longer G40. So i'm just wondering why they feel the need for a "conversion" barrel if what you're saying is an alternative. I know other brands like Coonan offer a .357 Magnum in a 1911 style looking frame. And it can also chamber and fire without issues a .38 Special, which is the same difference to me as the 10MM vs. .40 length-wise. So you're saying you are loading the .40 bullet into the stock 10MM magazine and its feeding and chambering, firing and ejecting from the factory 10MM barrel with no issues?
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