Conversions for a M32 Gen 4, need advise pls
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    Conversions for a M32 Gen 4, need advise pls

    I am new to the Glock world, I just bought a Glock 32, Gen 4...I want to get the barrels for .40S&W and 9mm ones, as well as the proper magazines of each caliber, so I can avoid any malfunctions, it is going to be my EDC, replacing my PX4 Beretta 45.

    Does anyone knows the barrel models and magazines as well...any suggested fit drop in option will be the gunsmiths charges are astronomical...

    Tks in advance

    PD...any additional hardware need??

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    Are you going to EDC in converted form? While conversion barrels (to 9mm) have gotten a lot better in terms of being reliable, it's still a conversion. I personally wouldn't want to EDC a conversion.

    As far as the conversion itself. .357 and .40 S&W can convert with Glock factory barrels - the chamber hoods/barrels have the same external dimensions. 9mm needs an aftermarket conversion barrel for proper fit.

    Lonewolf Distributors are probably the most common aftermarket conversion barrel (at least I see them mentioned more than any other) Lone Wolf Distributors - Products - Conversion

    My impression from what I read is the companies below also make quality (perhaps better quality than LWD) but I personally don't know much about them:
    StormLake StormLake | Build Your Barrel
    Bar-Sto makes quality but they may need fitting

    Other guys here can give better testimonials about the manufacturers.

    Some people will also swap the Recoil Spring Assembly, Extractor and/or Trigger Housing Mechanism because it has the ejector attached to it. You should test your gun extensively to decide if it needs these additional changes or not.
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