Glock has finally updated their parts order form for Armorer's to include 2 new connectors for the G44 and G42 Glock was kind enough to NOT change the file name (sarcastic).

There's been a lot of confusion about the "-" connector that started shipping in G43s, I assume 42s also but only can confirm the 43. Even when I was at Glock in May there was a lot of confusion within Glock about the connectors. The training material shows a minus connector with a 10 degree change, but then these connectors started showing up in guns with a "-" marking but a 6 degree change (same as the dot connectors in Gen4s). We'll the parts list hasn't done much to clear things up.

"33564 Connector 5.5lb "standard" G42, G43 (marked "-")" LOL, so is it a standard or a minus?

Glock also added a 33847 8lb "plus" G42, G43 (marked "+") - wow, just what we needed. I'm going to order one just to see what the actual weight is with it. I imagine it's well over 8lbs.

They continue to offer the original 33215 connector described as 6lb.