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    Thanks for the quick response. That's good to know.

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    Just got back from the range. OMG what a difference. NOT to say glocks oem frame is bad it's just that this is so much better. Now I need to adjust to slimmer grip. Next time I will try thier small hump back strap. It's feels so much like a1911frame now. Both 40 s&w and 9mm soft recoil. Perma grin

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    Quote Originally Posted by AVG40 View Post
    I have five Glocks. I bought a Timberwolf frame and a Adam Arms Slide with treaded 9mm barrel. A great setup for an upgraded Glock. The frame has a feel like a 1911. Their trigger is great, the slide is great with the Adam arms barrel. I have over 500 rounds thru the gun right now.
    That is a nice looking gun. I like the way the slide is cut. I'm gonna check out those slides. I have a G20/21/40/41 gen 4 frame I need a upper for. The frame is a complete Glock frame. I originally was gonna do a G41 build because I wanted a grey G41. I've since changed my mind and now have a complete grey lower.

    I wonder if they have a .45 or 10mm slide??? Gonna have to look. I really like the slide cut.

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