Range Report on G19 gen 4..
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    Range Report on G19 gen 4..

    I went to the range this morning. I had 150 rounds of 9mm for my new G19.
    There was one mishap, 1 round sounded funny and the brass hit my hand. It also failed to push
    the slide back far enough to reload the next round. I'm sure the was a light load in that case. One
    of my friends had his SIG 228 and he had a couple of rounds that the 228 wouldn't fire. He reshot
    both of them still no go. My Glock shot both of them, so the striker hit harder than the hammer.

    I prefer the G21 and 45ACP. I shoot it much better. I'm going to get a case of 9MM and shoot it a lot
    until I can do better with it.

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    G19 is a nice gun, but so is the the G21. Sounds like you may have been shooting reloads. I suggest you stick to factory loaded ammo for consistency and safety. Gun will run a whole lot smoother.

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    I like the G21 as well. But, the 19 grows on ya real quick. Just can't have to many G19's laying around.

    When I got my first Glock, it was a G21. My choice to have a .45 as my first, I suppose, is because of the service since .45's were the mainstay handgun in a era gone by. The G21 is just smooth shooting .45.

    I use to only buy new ammo, but, now I do get reloads from Freedom Munitions. I've never had any problems, knock on wood.

    I picked up my G19C today. I'm only gonna use new rounds in it till I get a few hundred through it. I'm really excited to have been able to get a Gen 4 "C" model.

    The barrel certainly is different from any other factory Glock I have. (not referring to the ports either).

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