A combo for my G40 10mm that works well
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    A combo for my G40 10mm that works well

    Hi ya folks, I'm new to Glock pistols but wanted a 10mm for woods use. I'm a tinker with firearms so could not help it. While there is very little muzzle rise stock even with heavy loads I wanted to minimize and reduce further. I got a lone wolf threaded barrel and comp but the config would not cycle with anything but the heaviest loads and iffy even then.

    I then tried the dpm recoil system and while skeptical it worked well. Then added the lone wolf alpha comp (ports only on top) and that turned out to be a magic combo for my pistol. Cycles flawlessly and no muzzle rise just a slight backwards push. The red dot stays on target.

    Just thought I would pass that on. Pictured below my two 10mm pistols. You can guess which on is the Glock. Vortex viper red dot, not fancy but works very well.

    Cheers to all

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    I've done a lot of shooting with compensated barrels in Glocks. It's not unusual to reduce recoil spring weights when shooting compensated.

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