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    One looks newer than the other to me that's the difference to my eyes a 10 mm & 9mm.


    Semper Fi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ifithitu View Post
    One looks newer than the other to me that's the difference to my eyes a 10 mm & 9mm.
    Could you be a bit more specific here..?

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    Actually the older one on top looks newer. When Glock quit treating their steel with Tenifer in 2010 for all Glock's I think it changed how the parkerizing adhered to the steel or they change the chemicals used to parkerize the steel. Either way its crappy and scratches too easily.

    I here the USA made Glock 43 has the look of the older Glock you have pictured but not sure. Wonder if anyone owns both and can post some photos?

    I'll find out next week when I pick mine up from my LGS.
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    My 2008 G27 has the heavy fry pan finish and my 2013 G23 has the lighter finish.
    Under magnification the G23 finish is the same but a much finer grain top coat. I thought the 23 was
    scratched on the slide but it was only metal from another source, the slide finish wasn't damaged.
    I like them both. Carry the 27 everyday in a leather holster and pistol still looks new.

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    I have some early Glocks with the dull matte finish. Much easier to cycle the slide. The newer ones are slick and sometimes hard to hold onto.
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