Best defense ammo for a 10mm???
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    Best defense ammo for a 10mm???

    I am a very proud carrier of a Glock 29 10mm. I know some say its overkill but in that split second of decision will you have a table beside you giving you gun selection??? I think not.. To any other owners/carriers of a 10mm I would love anyone's opinion on what they feel is the best defense round. Thank you..

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    I use underwoods 135gr hp's. I also like Hornady's xtp's in 155 and 180gr. Winchester silver tips are also well thought of. I suspect you could use any modern self defense round and be ok.

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    I use Hornady Critical Defense 165 gr.

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    Whatever you choose, be sure to practice with it so you understand how it shoots - particularly if it's significantly different than your range ammo.

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    I use Hornady Custom 180 gr. XTP. Very accurate out of my G40 with little recoil. A lighter, faster load might be a better choice for the G29's shorter barrel.
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    Sig makes a pretty good SD round. They don't cost five bucks a round either!

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