G19 Gen3 trigger bar/safety plunger surface peeling off
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    G19 Gen3 trigger bar/safety plunger surface peeling off

    Just got this new G19 Gen3 last week. After 500 rounds, I noticed there some Chrome or Nickel plating flaking off from the rear of trigger bar and safety plunger. On the trigger bar, there is some black and silver color under peeling off surface. Safety plunger probably is copper under the peeling off surface.

    Has anyone know what is causing this? Is this normal? I didn't use any cleaner yet. Also there is no modify. Just a stock G19 Gen3 and fired 500 rounds. The ammo I use is AE FMJ 115gr.

    Also if you notice, the rail on middle of the silde, under the barral, right after the safety plunger in last picture(I don't know the name of it), is getting a lot of yellow color on it. Anyone knows why? Is dat noraml?

    Please see the photos. Should I be concerned?

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    Please help.

    Thank you!

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    It's not uncommon. You can use scotchbrite to remove all the plating and clean it up, or Glock will send you new parts.

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    IDK about sending him parts unless he is a armorer.

    They might say send it in, or you can clean it up and continue to monitor it.

    Glock has always stood behind their guns.

    There was another guy from Israel who had this happen I think several months ago before Christmas.

    He never posted what occurred.

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    Is this a new-from-the-factory or new-to-you pistol? My reason for asking is that the flaking you are seeing is unusual in factory new Glocks, in my experience. In older guns the have been cleaned with a product containing with ammonia, such as Hoppe's #9, this bubbling is not unusual.

    Many of the steel parts in the gun have a copper plating, then a nickel plating. As the gun is used the nickel gets polished by rubbing against other parts, friction is reduced, and the gun "breaks in". The problem occurs when the nickel is scratched which exposes the copper, and then solvent containing ammonia gets into the scratch, eroding the copper, and causing the bubbling that you see in the nickel. The way to avoid this is simply not to use any solvent containing ammonia on a Glock's internal steel parts, barrel excluded.

    Will the bubbling get worse? Well, at some point you will wear through the nickel, then the copper, and you'll have bare steel contact. As long as you keep polishing the thing I guess it will work, but I could envision the steel rusting in a gun that's not used and maintained. I've never seen it, that's a pure guess on my part.

    If this is a new-from-the-factory pistol, you could probably get Glock to fix it, but it might involve shipping the gun back to them. If it's just new to you, I'd replace the parts and move on.

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    I was the one who posted before Christmas that I had the flaking issue on my new Gen 4 - on one frame rail after <200 rounds of 115gr FMJ (and no corrosive solvents used). I've only shot another 100 rounds since and while one other rail is also flaking, the remaining 2 rails are now wearing through to the copper bonding layer; which may just be 'normal' wear. From the inputs I've had from this forum and other internet research, the issue does not seem to be common (ie usual, ordinary, frequent) but no, you're not alone in having this 'feature'

    The armorer at the gunshop I bought it from took the issue up with Glock (through their distributor here). The answer from Glock, received only 2 weeks ago, was that "functionality is not affected" which translates to "go enjoy your Glock" - so I'd say that you should not be concerned from a functional or reliability perspective (as long as you keep it clean).

    Functionality aside, if you think as I do (and my armorer), that you've spent your hard earned money for 'Glock perfection' and your firearm is of a lesser production standard than the vast majority of guns they produce, Glock should stand behind their product. So, I would recommend contacting Glock (you have nothing to lose). BTW, my armorer did not give up. He escalated the issue up the Glock CoC. We're still waiting on their response. I'll post any update when I get one (which could take another couple of months given how long it took the first time).

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