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    Quote Originally Posted by Otintx View Post
    OK then I will start the bidding on that old silver looking cowboy gun ...

    $50.00 !

    "If" I ever sold one of my firearms, that particular Smith would be one of the last to go. I inherited my dads guns and that's one of them.
    It's one of my favorite he had. He had this sickness too.

    My mom gave that particular Smith to him for his birthday circa 70's back when .44's were the rage. She couldn't remember the exact year, so I called S&W and they confirmed it early 70's.
    I found the original walnut grips to it; dad had stored them in a ammo can. When i came across the orig grips, I din't know at the time they were for that gun. Smith asked if it had it's original grips and what condition were they in? (This was in 2015-I couldn't look at his stuff for a few years after his passing). I told Smith I had found them and they were in excellent shape.

    S&W said to keep them preserved because back then, they were made by hand. They stopped hand making them in the 80's I was told.

    My dad took very good care of it. The gun is in 'excellent' condition. I had a local gunsmith look at it before I fired it to ensure it's springs were intact/
    good condition. Confirmed they are. I fire her every once in a while. Otherwise, I keep that one in my new safe.

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    I went through a short period of Glock finger-rubbing. Adjusted my grip. "Problem" fixed. You could also have your finger trimmed a little.

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