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    Best Upgrades

    I know this question is a little opinionated, and that changing too many components in your gun would probably cause your glock to lose some of the famed reliability. But generally speaking what would some of you say are the best upgrades that can be applied to your glock? I was thinking of getting some Trijicon night sights and a frame plug as of now.

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    I put 3.5# connectors, change the sights and grip plug. also I use the SafeTBlok on all my Glocks.
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    If just picking only one.....night sights hands down. I could go on and on but that isn't necessary.
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    My standard Glock upgrade package is:

    1. Sights, exact type depends on the role of the pistol. The stock Glock sights just do not work with my eyes.
    2. 25-Cent trigger job (polish trigger bar). This makes the trigger pull a little smoother.
    3. Glock 4.5# connector, polished. This makes the trigger pull about 4.5 pounds.
    4. Extended slide lock. This makes it a lot easier for me to field-strip the pistol.

    That's it, I don't even change the trigger spring any more.

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    What Chris said^^^^. Plus smooth triggers.
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