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Thread: Pros and Cons

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    Pros and Cons

    What are the pros and cons to using a Glock 32 357. Sig as a CCW / HD weapon? I know about the price of ammo so please no comments about ammo prices.

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    In a general sense, if it was / is good enough for the secret service, it's probably an effective round. In a more specific sense, it depends on your level of experience. Short barreled pistols are more difficult to shoot accurately.... Short barreled pistols with sharp recoil impulses are more difficult still.

    Ballistically, modern 9mm+p rounds are similar in performance, but due to being slightly less snappy, they are more controllable. If you are looking for more "knock down" power, a larger caliber is usually more effective than a smaller, faster round.

    But, I always say, buy what makes you happy...
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    I think the .357 is a great carry caliber, my preference would be for a full sized weapon, though, I do not have anything in semi auto, but do have several wheel guns that I would not hesitate to carry in that caliber .....

    My vote is to go for it !

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    There is NO con to it.

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    +1 on going with the full size Glock with .357sig. In addition to better handling you would want the longer barrel for the velocity.

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    10mm FTW!

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    For commercial ammo, energy and velocities will be higher for the .357 SIG versus 9 mm ammo.
    357 SIG Ballistics Chart | Ballistics 101
    9mm Ballistics Chart | Ballistics 101

    The ProArms Podcast Folks seem to love it:
    .357SIG cartridge The ProArms Podcast

    Fewer rounds in the G32 compared to a 9mm G19-- 13 versus 15 rounds.
    Higher energy means snappier recoil.
    Might have to consider if muzzle flash will be more of an issue.

    Toss ups
    In the a post-apocalypse world, will it be easier or harder to find .357 SIG ammo? Will there be a run on the more common calibers like 9mm?
    If you travel outside the US with your firearm, I think it would be easier to find 9mm than .357

    But hey, if you're really interested in the G32, why not get it?

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