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    The Storm Lake I have works very well (40/9 conversion) with no issues so far. I can't say it's any better than the Lonewolf--I haven't tried one of those yet.

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    I have both. The Lone Wolf conversion barrel for my 27 works perfectly (along with the 26 mags of course). I have a Storm Lake 357sig barrel for it as well. Not a single problem. I also have Storm Lake barrels in 357sig & 40-9 conversion for my M&P 40 Pro (5" barrels). I guess I like Storm Lake better just because their logo looks better on the barrel than the Lone Wolf cartoon character. For an extra fee they will leave the logo off & mark the barrel on the underside. You won't go wrong with either. I tend to like the Storm Lake barrels better, but they haven't performed any better thus far.
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    I have a Lonewold 10mm-.40 conversion barrel with 300 rounds through it with no issues. Just ordered a .40 - 9mm conversion barrel for a G27 from Midway. I have no experience with Storm Lake barrels, but have heard and read that they may need some tweaking by a gunsmith to make them perform correctly. Storm Lake states this on their website.
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    From what I have studied both are reputable companies with a great product I would not have a vote either way except for price. I hope this helps.

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