Changes in Ohio Concealed Carry Law
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    Changes in Ohio Concealed Carry Law

    The Governor signed Sub.SB 199 on December 19 (law takes effect 91 days after signing). Since no one else has posted this here I thought I'd share.

    Here is a link to a pretty decent synopsis of the bill:

    There are a couple small provisions they don't mention, but all in all they hit the highlights. The major ones for most concealed carry licensees are the employee protection and the school zone modification, but they may also be affected by the day care center provision and the government building/college campus provisions. The problem with those sections is that they require affirmative permission policies by those places before carry is permitted there and it remains to be seen if much will change there.

    This bill is a huge win for Ohioans in that it is a recognition that prohibited places means a person is not able to protect themselves to and from those places and we want to protect that right. Now there are very few places where we can't carry in our cars and leave the gun locked in the car when we go into the prohibited place.
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    I saw that,it's about time. I agree it is a huge win for us in Ohio!

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