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    1) pass background check.

    2) pay for weapon.

    3) you and weapon go out the door.

    so wait time about 5 min.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheLaw View Post
    Everywhere is different. My Father-In-Law just north of us in NC has to go to the Sheriff' Office, apply for a permit to buy A (singular) firearm. The are also then registered. I believe there was a 5 gun per year limit. Once they decide to go for their carry permits, they had to take a class, pass a test, background checks, fingerprints, etc.. Their was a pretty significant cost involved in this process as well. Now that they have the permits, they are no longer required to apply for individual permits but their carry laws are more restrictive there than they are here.
    The Law that's right for the most part, in NC. We have some new laws starting on Dec 1 in NC. Right now you can go to the Sheriff's department in the county which you reside and apply for a permit. Cost is $5 each. You can get 5 at a time and 10 a year. The background check takes a week. No finger prints required. For a CC permit you have to take a 8 hour class and pass a shooting test. You have to then take your certificate to back to the Sheriff's office to get fingerprinted. Right now the Sheriff has up to 90 to do a higher level background check. On Dec. 1 the Sheriff will have 45 days to process a background check. Once the CC permit is obtained you don't need a pistol permit to buy a gun or limited to the amount of handguns one can purchase annually. You still have to fill out the ATF form but that is it. The carry laws are somewhat restrictive, but I haven't found them to be unreasonable for the most part. Common stuff like no carry in school zones, payed public venues, places that sell and serve alcohol, Federal and government installations, etc. We are adopting castle doctrine and no retreat laws. We are an open carry state and reciprocate with around 25 or 30 states.
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    Someone already mentioned Ohio but I'll chime in as well.

    There is no "waiting period" to purchase a handgun per se. You just have to fill out a form and they do a background check. If approved you can walk out the store with the gun. I have been able to purchase a handgun in under 30 minutes from start to finish.

    As for CCW permits, we have to take a class to get certified, then fill out an application with the Sheriff. Upon turning in the application, you pay a fee, get fingerprinted, and undergo a background check. On average it takes 2 weeks or so to get your license in the mail. As a county prosecutor, the sheriff rushed mine through and I got my license the next day, so it can be done quite quickly.
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    1: handgun safety test. ( 25.00)
    2: pay for firearm / dros fees 25.00
    3: wait 14 days for background check
    4: purchase a bnib handgun lock
    5: pick up your handgun with handgun lock.
    6: store will then " go over " how to load / unload firearm
    7: have a nice day

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    In Nevada, different cities have their own laws. In general, 1st handgun requires 3 days (the 3 day is a Las Vegas specific ordinance) and $25 for Brady background check. Subsequent handguns purchases only require completion of the Brady form, pay the man and take her home.
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