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    I think you are trying to read way too much into this, and are overcomplicating it in the process. If you have something of value, and that value is made less than what you've paid, you've lost money. End of story. If you paid $25K for an M-16 under the 1986 law. And that law goes away, and I can buy one for $1,600.00 as a result. You've lost money because there is no way you can recover your loss through sale. Because the new current value has been newly established at $1,600.00, not $25K any longer. Back to the guy who overpaid for his house, and lost it through foreclosure because he can't sell it for enough to pay off what he owes. Same deal.
    I don't need my AR-15 "Assault Rifle" any more than Rosa Parks needed to sit in the front of the bus.

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    You can acquire a Binary or Echo trigger which fires in the depressed and released state. Doesn't require a Tax stamp. It goes from Safe to semi auto to Binary/echo mode. It's a $400-$500 drop in.

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