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    Quote Originally Posted by MtStream View Post
    Benelli M4 under the bed (mine) and a Remington 870 in the closet (wife).

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    I like the front attachment for a sling. On the 590 tactical, it goes on the mag well end.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tim414 View Post
    I was watching a vid about the Benelli.....seems like it was more involved.....and I think it was a pump???? Maybe I'm confusing it with another. It was on one of the popular youtube vids.....Nutnfancy?? I think it was in one of his series.....
    The one I found by him is on the Supernova. The M4 is the standard issue Marine Corp and Joint Operations shotgun and is semi-auto.

    Iraqventran8888 did this video but with a modified stock

    It's expensive though.
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    I keep a G17 on the headboard with a Mossy 930 and Windham M4 in the corner for backup.
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