Firstly, if you own a firearm, clean the F'ing thing. Could never understand putting a weapon away dirty.
Anyways, I rescued an abused CZ 85 Combat. I got it cheap because the guy said he was having problems with it and talking to him, I got the sense that he wasn't the sharpest blade in the drawer.
I got the pistol home and immediately stripped it. Never cleaned, I guarantee it. He said he ran about 400 rounds through it and started having issues. Failure to feed, extract and so on. I really should have taken pictures. He gave me some of the ammunition he had left and it was that crappy Russian junk.
Out came the brass brushes, q tips by the handful and several clean rags. Difference is night and day. There wasn't a hint of oil or grease on the pistol and I don't think he did anything but shoot it straight from the box.
I wanted to get out but Mother Nature had other plans today with wind and snow. I'm hoping tomorrow and I'd bet that the pistol runs great now that it has been properly cleaned.
No pics yet as I'll see if I'm right or not.