As much as I wanted to like my Mosin Nagant, I had to modernize it.

Much of the work was just removing the internals of the Mosin, and removing the pins from the leaf sights. Everything else was pretty much a drop in evolution.

Pro Mag Archangel body, Texas Precision Muzzle Break, Timney trigger, Brass Stacker Rail, and a long eye relief UTG scope with lighted reticle.

The muzzle break takes the bite out of the recoil.

The Timney trigger makes a world of difference in feel of the trigger.

The Brass Stacker doesn't require a rifle to be drilled and tapped, nor does it require a bent bolt.

I needed about 9-10" of eye relief given the forward position of the scope.

Finally completed. I have a bipod coming in tomorrow.

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