Safety story-- chambered round in the rental case!
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    Safety story-- chambered round in the rental case!

    Short story: one of the (non-Glock) pistols in the gun rental case at my local range was loaded...with a round in the chamber.

    Long story: I was at my local range with some friends who were essentially newbie shooters. We were looking at the 22LR pistols (Glock, you listening in???) in the rental case and settled on a hammer fired DA/SA pistol. The range officer, who was thankfully very experienced, followed the "four" rules. He took the pistol out of the glass case and while pointing it muzzle-down, racked the slide. Almost in slow motion, we saw a cartridge pop out, sail in an arc away from him, then clatter to the floor. "Oh, s----".

    The rangemaster said he was going to have a meeting with the staff later in the day and confided there were a couple of new hires. My friends and I had a good shooting session-- and we now have 2 more shooters in the fold.
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    Glad it ended safely and once again following those simple rules prevents an ND and possible injury.

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