Anyone shooting older military rifles?
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    Anyone shooting older military rifles?

    My father got me interested when I was a kid about some of the rifles he shot during the Second World War. I have remembered all my life his "M-1 Thumb" a split thumb nail that always grew that way. But his favorite was the 1903-A3, 30-06 because it always shot so true. As I grew I always remembered those words and thou he has been gone many years I still remember that little grin when he talked about how well it shot. Now, almost 20 years ago after looking for over 3 years at the time I found my own Remington 1903-A3 and yes she IS a shooter. One of my favorite things I do these days is take part in a monthly shoot at my gun club for Military Bolt Action Bench Rest shooters. Rules are simple; must be in "AS ISSUED" condition, no trigger jobs, no bedding, no scopes or after market stuff. We shoot iron sights at 100 yards......done in 5 stages of 10 shots each.

    For me it's almost like playing golf. Just you and your firearm trying to put them all in the same hole. Nope, I don't do that, but getting better and iron sights at 100 yards is a true test, even with a bench rest. No they can't be locked down and mechanically fired; it's more like resting on a snadbag and firing with some modifications.

    My question is do any of our Glock brethern partake in any such events or just fire their old military rifles for fun. Tell us what you have and how it shoots.
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    I used to participate in high power matches with a Garand. Nowadays it's just for funsies, but I still love the old military firearms. I have a modern replica of the 1853 Enfield in .577 caliber, a 1903A3, a M1917, a M1 carbine, Russian SKS, AKS, STG58, AR-15, and just purchased a SMLE No4. Mk1/2.
    You gain a new respect for the soldiers of WW1 and WW2 after getting kicked in the shoulder sending a few dozen 150 grain .30-06 projectiles downrange.
    It is amazing how accurate these old rifles are - with iron peep sights at 500 yards!

    Congrats on the 03A3. That is an American icon!

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