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    Quote Originally Posted by bradberry View Post
    Well apparently some MORONS in Portland are calling for and Orexit. It should be a POREXIT instead. Since down in my area of Oregon the state is as red as it can get. I say we just ship the idiots (paid rioters) to California and let them BURN HOLLYWOOD!

    Yeah, that's the problem. Good people live in Cali, OR and WA that want no part of this exit...and they work. The dbags that want to exit are the people that are in big cities....and don't work.

    I am good with giving them a group of islands in the South Pacific where they can have their utopia. It's called the Bikini atoll. No one currently inhabits the island and no one has for the last 60+ years.

    Sure, they dropped like 5 nuclear weapons on the island but that was a while ago. Don't look at the negatives. You want to cook a burger, no problem. Toss it in the air, it comes down cooked. Walk on the island. Insta-tan. No real need for health care and no one has to work...except maybe a few guys with shovels.

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    These Morons that are Rioting probably are to ignorant to even know the history of the Island. Should run and ad on Craigslist and offer a free charter to all of these idiots, to an Island Paradise.

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    "I ask who are the militia? They consist now of the whole people, except a few public officers."
    - George Mason

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    When I first moved to Dallas the news reported that LE had mailed "Winner" notices for a free trip to Shreveport (closest casino back then) to people with outstanding warrants. They showed up in droves. Better yet, because they thought they were going to a casino, they brought cash. Worked out great for collecting the fines.

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