Pro Ears Mag Gold electronic ear protection. I am asking $125. Pro Ears Mag Gold sell new for $300.

Pro Ears protects your hearing against impulse noise such as gunfire by compressing the sound to a safe 82dB level while allowing human voices to be heard through the microphones on each ear cup. Each ear has a separate volume control and adjustable volume gain jumper.

8-bit micro processor, military grade circuit boards, gold connectors, audible battery life indicator, auto shut-off, Dynamic Level Sound 
Compression compresses loud noises to a safe 82dB level make these "ears" the gold standard of the industry.

Includes Pro Ears Mag Gold electronic muff, instruction booklet, four new N batteries, audio cable to connect the Pro Ears to an audio music source and carrying pouch.

Please pm, call or text Bill at 913.631.4725.

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