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    For that type of shooting I would suggest 7yds be the longest target with most being 3-5yds. It's my opinion that beyond 7yds the gun can be drawn to a standard 2 handed grip and sights used. Shooting from the hip for defensive purposes - anything center mass works. That would be about a 6"-8" circle. Being you're already hitting shot shells one handed from the hip, I can't imagine your not far more than proficient enough for any silhouette standard.
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    As stated in my post

    I hit a few , move a few , miss a lot but always close enough to defend myself from them . Also this

    I am going to try to work down to empty .22 LR hulls as there are plenty of them left on the range . (LOL )

    Just joking , I can't even be sure of hitting a basketball with every draw and shoot as I move around.

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