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    Just thought I'd bump this thread since I heard the ammo mentioned again in GunTalk. Anyone have any new experiences they'd like to share?
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    The last time I tried lead-free 9mm ammo, I damaged my G17.

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    Sabots are now available for reloading, I read an interesting article on reloading them, in one of my magazines a few days ago.

    The 2 piece case is interesting, from the primer end to the open end, reloading requires different procedures from the normal way of doing it.

    The article is in the Guns and Ammo December 2017 issue which can be read online, the article is titled, "Handgunning/Meet Novx" by Patrick Sweeney.

    (Want to know why Glock no longer sends new models to G&A for testing and reporting ? Read the article, "Gen 5/Does Glock still set the bar ?" by Eric Poole in the same edition.)

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