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    Glock Commemoratives

    I assume you have the rest of the gun too :-)

    The sights have been replaced so one one have to assume itís been shot. Canít tell if itís the lighting in the photo or the firing pin safety has been upgraded. If the gun has original black parts that would help. Having the original box, manual and accessories will matter as well.

    There was some additional information on the Glock Collectors Club forum but not much. The guns were made for an FOP lodge but there were at least two runs. Your serial number looks to be the earlier run. There may have been G17s as well.

    Commemoratives can be an odd collectible, the number made matters but if theyíre too unknown that can hurt the value if no one is looking for them.

    Personally, I think these are cool Glock history. Unfortunately I have learned I have to be careful what I start collecting because I get consumed with completing collections. So I personally have stayed away from commemoratives.

    The collectible market tends to get defined by Gunbroker auctions. If you want to try and maximize the price, auctions with good pictures, starting at .01, no reserve and ending on a Sunday evening tend to bring the most activity/money.

    Thereís not recent sales information on these but if I had to guess, Iíd put it somewhere around $750 to $850 in complete and original condition.

    58Sniper may have more information on prices.

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