Wts caa g2-9 roni pistol-carbine conversion
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    Wts caa g2-9 roni pistol-carbine conversion

    I I have well the title says it all I have one of these conversion kits for sale I bought it for $260 I'll take $200 for it it's for Glock 17 Glock 18 Glock 19 Glock 22 Glock 23 25 31 and Glock 32 I'll add the pictures. This is not an FFL item purchase and possession do not require any FFL or permits however once you put your Glock into this thing that is when you need to go get a timestamp and just FYI this only fits OEM Glocks real Glocks it doesn't fit the polymer eighties or anything of that nature or the GL 17L. Basically it doesn't fit any non-regular glock or Glock copies that's why I'm selling it because I have a polymer 80 GL17 and my trigger Gaurd flares outward where the original Glocks kind of concaves in so my p80 frame doesn't fit in it that's why I'm selling it. other than that man it's badass I wish I didn't wish I wasn't selling it I bought it cuz it's so cool oh I must mention also it doesn't have any of the attachments in the picture on the box it just has the conversion kit that's it and the slide. no stock no red Dot none of that. only what's pictured in my pictures. it didn't come with the stock I know I was kind of disappointed about that myself other than that man I just say man this thing is cool as hell hit me up
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