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    Can't emphasize enough the importance of degreasing the screws and the female threads. I use a torque wrench for a lot of applications, but I don't think I'd need a torque wrench in this case. I'd tighten them firmly, by feel. If you can find the torque spec, use a torque wrench. I do use a Holosun on a 22/45, but prefer the lighter, smaller ff3 for my Glocks.

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    Red dot lockdown

    Quote Originally Posted by Ironworker View Post
    I have Glock Mod 40 10 mm Using the MOS system in mounting a Red dot sight. Screws are really small . Bought some Blue Lock tight ,but how much torq . I was just out shooting it and the sight flew off the slide ,hit me in the head. Can't believe I found the two little screws with undamaged threads. I was worried I'd strip them If I tightened them too much . Must of had the wrong lock tight ?
    I am running a Glock 20 with a Leupold pro no issues. On the same frame running a 21 slide with 460 Rowland and Trijicon RMR. I use blue on all my mounts with no issues. The Halosun is a little bigger with a little more weight though.
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