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    Thanks everyone for input.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 58sniper View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by They Call Me Trinity View Post
    I stand corrected. The marks line up with the locking block. I did a search and found a comment that explained, the Glock frame flexes during recoil. As a result the locking block lifts ever so slightly when the barrel drops into place, making contact with the frame rail. I'm inclined to believe the comment. The commnentor went on to say that it's not an issue and you shouldn't expect more wear. I still believe that no two Glocks are alike. Thanks
    Yep - that's slide peening. Worst on the .40 guns. Edge of the locking block rotates up and makes contact with the slide, causing the damage. It's the reason why the third pin was added. A redesign of the frame area in Gen 5 helps mitigate that, and thus, third pin eliminated. Damage gets to a certain amount and then doesn't get any worse. It's fine. Glock will tell you the same thing. I've seen some folks use a stone to hone it down a bit.
    Thank you Sir. I can see how a forward pin on the locking block would help. I'm gonna call mine good. I don't see a need to take a stone to it. Just my mileage. (-:
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    I agree with Walter, it is definitely peening. However, by no means does everyone have those marks...We need pictures of the entire gun please. Peening would theoretically be exaggerated on .40 S&W guns given the cartridge characteristics. Due to the presence of a Locking Block Pin in Gen3 and Gen4 Glocks, and the addition of frame molding on Gen5s, the peening SHOULD'NT happen (or at least be minimal). Something interesting is going on here. What generation is your Glock 27? More information and pictures will help immensely. Thanks, and welcome to the forum!
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