G26 gen3 issue after mag change
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    G26 gen3 issue after mag change

    Hi all, first time post here. I was shooting this past weekend and ran in to an issue.

    On the first round of a magazine (one magazine in particular if I observed correctly) the trigger would go back but no click or bang. Rack the slide and normal operation through rest of magazine. I'm pretty sure this was just happening with one magazine (for 19) and not the other two I had (one for 26, one aftermarket 33 round) or 1 other I borrowed (for 19). Each reset after mag insertion was achieved by releasing the slide lock lever, not by racking the slide. I have not since gone back to see if racking rather than releasing slide lock would fix the problem. The magazine in question was marked Glock but the print and logo were reversed (one on top on other two, other on top on the one), could be a previous generation mag or a knock-off? I did notice it bulged somewhat when loaded and the others didn't.

    My suspicions, in order from most likely to least, are as follows...Magazine, User error (releasing slide lock rather than racking), Striker spring, Trigger spring, unknown

    I probably won't have time to test further until this weekend.

    Thoughts or suggestions?

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    First, mark your magazines so you'll know for sure which one is causing the problems...
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    Agree with jb, start with marking the mag(s) that has the problem.

    When, after pulling the tigger without the gun firing and you re-racked the gun, did it eject a round? In other words, was there a round in the chamber that didn't fire or the gun failed to load a round after the magazine change?

    If there was no round in the chamber, pay attention to two things when you go to the range next:
    1. be sure the magazines are being fully seated
    2. be sure the slide is not releasing before the magazines are fully seated - some slide stops can become sensitive enough that they will release with a little jar to the gun. The gun got jarred before the mag was fully in, the slide may have beaten the magazine to the spot.

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    The bulging mag may be an older non-drop free style. I have many Glock brand mags and none of them have double stamps, this may be an aftermarket mag.

    Agree with marking the mags to identify which is having what issues.

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    You dont have a G26 gen3 issue, you have a bad mag issue.. replace it.

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