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    Oal is important with tight tolerance weapons, my Kimber is real picky about my hand-loads.

    They might be hanging in the mag if they are too long.

    You did not have any buildup on the feed ramp I assume ?

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    My Glock isn’t too picky about tolerances. I check it out before every match and strip it down and clean it about every fifth match.
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    I also think it was a low load issue.. That can force the action to fall back on itself prematurely ....instead of cycling correctly..something has to give

    in that situation.. Probably time to go over your loading eqp..with sharp eye...

    Also.. Check those cases.. Look for signs of impact within the action before ejection....just to be safe

    also inspect the inside of the cup for that spring.. Look for crud..that doesnt allow it to seat completly.. Just a fyi

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