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    Quote Originally Posted by MtStream View Post
    The cycle of the gun is the same as a standard Glock.

    As the slide cycles to the rear, the wedge is not in contact with any part of the trigger bar. It only makes contact as the slide comes forward again. If the firing pin pushes the trigger bar forward as the slide moves forward the wedge can’t make contact.

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    OK thanks for the write up that makes it clear now.

    There is a range at which the striker and the trigger bar interact in which the striker catches and pushes the trigger bar forward. The full Auto Wedge only comes into play, if the Trigger is fully held back, and the slide is in the full forward position. Only then the wedge automatically pushes trigger bar downward and releases the striker to strike the next bullet.

    If the trigger is released, the striker and the trigger bar interact at a range shortly before the slide is in the full forward position, so that the striker is able to catch and push the trigger bar forward so that the full auto wedge can not interact and cause the trigger bar to push down.

    Critical to understand this is that there is short range in which the striker and trigger bar interact with each other. The wedge can manipulate them only while the trigger is held and the slide is in full forward position, not at any other stage of the cycling.

    The important thing to understand here is that the glock is always partly cocked and the striker is always pushing the trigger bar forward. Their interaction lasts from Zero to the striker break and the auto sear wedge only interferes in a very short stage of that interaction.

    Now I understand!

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