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    Quote Originally Posted by Shrike View Post
    Glad I found this thread! You guys won't believe this, but I always thought a lighter bullet produced lighter recoil.
    It does seem logical that a lighter bullet would produce less recoil, I was under the same impression for years. To convince yourself otherwise, all you need to do is buy two boxes of bullets in the same caliber with very different weights, and burn them up at the range. You'll feel the difference in your hand.

    A couple of examples: in .40 S&W get 165 and 180. In 9mm, get 115 and 147.

    "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."

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    for the range, take a unused rail attachment, (from old sight or light or laser ) perm attach 1/4 inch thick of flat square lead to it.. then mount it on your 20.. you will love how you can shoot with almost no recoil all day.. uh huh !

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