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    Quote Originally Posted by Gooch View Post
    Problem Solved!!!! With a new magazine I loaded and cycled through the gun 5 times without an issue. Thanks for all the help. It is much appreciated.
    That's a relief! Thank you for sticking with us!

    Anyone have any ideas as to what in the mags caused this? If possible I'd like to get them fixed up if possible.
    Magazine springs and followers would be my guess.

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    Normally, a magazine with a #5 on the followers can only use a #5 follower and newer magazines use a newer follower. I'm wondering if someone replaced your followers with the wrong ones but I don't know how to tell. You might consider calling Glock at (770) 432-1202. Give them the serial number of your pistol and ask if the magazines that came with it should have #5 followers (you may have to explain the problem and that it doesn't happen with a new mag).

    Part numbers for you (high capacity magazines)
    Follower for #5 and earlier - SP 01028-5
    Follower for #6 and later - SP 01028-9

    Spring 11 coil - 2551
    Spring 10 coil - older mags (do not use with tac lights) 448

    I would just go with the 11 coil springs. Also, per Cohland's #30 post, measure the opening to be sure it's in spec 9.4-9.6mm.

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    Natchez has new mags for 20 dollars each ...

    Unless you wish to play with it and try to make it reliable I would toss it and start anew ...

    Is you life worth a 20 dollar bill ?

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    Hey Chris
    I have a Glock 22 that fails to load. After reading your post, it appears that the slide lock lever spring is either broken or missing....is this something I can replace or do I need a gunsmith?
    Thx, Jim

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