What made you decide to get a Gen4?

What made you decide to get a Gen4?

  1. NWGlocker
    To those who own a Gen4, let us know what you have, what led you to get it, what you like and don't like about 'em. Thanks for visiting!
  2. cohland
    The ability to have a left-hand magazine release is pretty important to me (being left-handed, and I shoot USPSA production), and I like the ability to change the backstrap to make the gun fit my hand better (which I also have on an HK P2000). Since this was my first Glock, I didn't know that the grip texture was different.

  3. NWGlocker
    Yeah, it's little rougher than the Gen3. And from what I've heard a little less rough than the RTF's that are out there. Good to see you here in the sub-forum
  4. Ford108
    ..... Bought my first Glock 5 days ago (G27 gen 4) and (after cleaning of course) had multiple slide release errors during my first 100 rounds. First 3-4 rounds of the mag would fire flawlessly then the slide would lock back on almost every round.... After comparing insides with two co-workers who carry gen 3 G27's, I found the spring that applies downward pressure on the slide release was installed incorrectly and was allowing it to rise just enough to catch the notch in the bottom of the slide... Re-installed the spring (correctly this time!) and it is firing perfectly since.... Love the gun and my Glock is already the most accurate handgun I own but I'm still a little disappointed in a problem like this straight out of the box...
  5. koja1962
    I also have a 27 gen 4 and knock on wood she is a dream. i really don't feel the recoil at all but im used to shooting a colt anaconda 44 mag. shes just a little to big for cc.
  6. vvcrow
    To be honest Glock wasn't the handgun i was originally looking at... My local range has a huge variety of handguns to rent to try and I was very fond of the Beretta PX4. Before just settling with that though, i went ahead and tried an XD9 and a Gen3 G19. I instantly fell in love with the g19!!! So again before settling on that I came home and watched some videos and read some reviews. Once I realized there was a 4th gen available with supposedly better recoil characteristics due to the dual springs I decided to go that route in hopes the wife would take up going to the range with me.

    Currently the glock is bone stock and has continued to impress me every time i go to the range. I have had one cartridge fail on me and it was super cheap ammo and had nothing to do with the glock itself. Even the fresh magazines have performed without much break in. In the short run, i want reduce the trigger pull to 3.5# and maybe invest in a different set of sights.
  7. G23SNT
    I love my Gen 3 G23 that I had to get a Gen 4 G23
  8. NWGlocker
    G23SNT put in a blog entry -- looks like another winner with Gen4
  9. Habious
    I second what cohland said...

    As a lefty, the GLOCK wasn't a consideration until they came out with an option to reverse the magazine release.

    I really wanted something chambered in 357 Sig but, around here, it was a major problem to find a 31 in Gen4.

    Not only did none of my local dealers have one, I couldn't find a local dealer who said he could GET one for me!

    Ended up finding one on GunBroker.

    Love it!
  10. texanron
    I have a G26/4. The reason I with a G26 was ease of concealment. The reason I went a Gen4 was the grip. I use the large back strap. The thing I don't like about the Gen4........."crickets".
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