Best Concealed Carry Guns 2020
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    Best Concealed Carry Guns 2020

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    Oddly enough, the G17 I have carried for the past 20 years has been # 1, IMO ....

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    I generally carry what I want and ignore the lists. But, I've owned a ton of stuff over the years.

    I carried my HK P2000 for 5.5 years - Up until last month.

    I did try a Glock 48 for 1 month in March, but I had to sell it unfortunately. Somehow, the combination of the Glock grip angle and the thin grip gave me wrist pain on the outside portion of my right wrist. Every time I picked the gun up and held it - pain. I loved it for carry, but I cannot have a gun I cannot practice with as a carry gun. So, I sold it.

    But, I just picked up a Glock 19. For some reason, doublestack Glocks do not give me that pain. G48 was basically a single stack Glock. I like dthe size factor, so I just got the Gen 5 G19 with Ameriglo sights....

    My new G19 has been my carry gun for the last month....

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    I still prefer carrying the 26 with a Pearce +2 whenever I can. Short enough to carry OWB (much more comfortable) under an untucked shirt and feels like a full sized gun in the hand.

    My wife chose the 43x over the 48. For some reason Iike it better as well. I even prefer my 43 w/Pearce extension over the 48 but haven’t tried to figure out why.

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