New Hellcat for daily carry
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    New Hellcat for daily carry

    I've been happily carrying a G26 for years. I decided to see what all the buzz is about re the Springfield Hellcat. After some judicious polishing, which reduced the trigger pull to 4#, I'm now happily carrying a new Hellcat. Lighter, smaller, thinner, than my G26, with a 14-rd capacity. Still love my Glocks.

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    They are advertising the heck out of them in all of my monthly gun magazines.

    Let us know how it performs.

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    Congrats on the new Hellcat. I like my Springfield XDe, but a hammer fired with decocker was my deciding point to buy it.. My Glock 43x is my only striker fired pistol I now own. Looked at the Hellcat and honestly I thought it was very comfortable in the hand...great control reach ability and if it was a few years ago.....might have bought one. Been caught up in the..... got to have the newest, greatest and latest EDC route to many times. Now my CZs and a few others like the XDe and 43X are pretty much a solid stable of what I need.

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