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    Quote Originally Posted by __jb View Post
    What kind of Glock do you have?

    What caliber are you wanting to reload? Just for plinking... shooting range... competition?
    The question is for the op so that I can compare and contrast.

    I just started to reload with 3.4gr of Titegroup and a 147gr round nose SNS bullet. The goal is to have a softer shooting round in the G34 for peppering paper targets.
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    Hi Glockfan, Sorry for the late reply.
    I was shown what to do and have stuck with what shown.(Monkey see monkey do lol)
    In Australia I've been using ADI powder AP70 which is now obsolete and waitingggggggg on the new APS650.
    So this is what i was shown.
    3.8grains of powder
    28mm bullet length after projectile pushed in.
    So I've stuck with that and had no problems. I still have a lot to learn but am not messing with what's working at the moment.
    Loving everything involved with the sport

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