Data on 147 zero JHP's and Titegroup
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    Data on 147 zero JHP's and Titegroup

    Hi folks,
    Looking for some data on the above combination with a older M&P full size 9mm.
    I can't seem to find a happy place with the Titegroup or 147 zero bullets , been loading 3.3 + or - a grain with a 1.120 col that Zero said to use but not very good. Now it could be that I can't get the trigger control right on a strike fire which no one but me can fix and I am working on grip and that.
    Could some of you guys pass on your loads as far as charge weight and col and maybe I can rule out that its not the bullet and its my crappy shooting.
    Thanks for any suggestions and or help with this issue.
    I will try zero 124 grain very soon as my testing with those "seem" to group well but I could have just been lucky when I tested those like the 147's.
    Baffled I am.

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    Is not the rule of thumb the heaver the bullet the lighter the charge ?

    I know that reloading for my colt .45 ACP, I get much better POI when downloading from the recommended charge with a heavier bullet weight.

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    You can get load data for Titegroup from the Hogdon website. With plated or coated bullets, I always load to lead bullet velocity data.

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